Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ok so here is my painting process from start to finish... Remember that if you are going to paint something, make sure there is more to the piece than prettiness. It's great if you have the skill but if your work does not say anything then what is the point? Checkout this guy's work: Amazing skills! I wish I can paint like that but what else is there after the audience get past the skill of the artist?
Initial sketch
Refining the sketch and the idea
Let's start shading!
I pasted a picture in the painting for reference since the arm position in the picture is similar.
More shading and color...

Background is added. I wanted a farm type scene. Desolate and sparse.
The face on the original painting is not working out so let's use a pictures for reference.
More detail is added. I decided to turn the setting to sunset so you know that dark is coming soon.
Just adding more details, shading and athmosphere. The barbwire is created by painting a section of it and then using the stamp tool to copy and then warping it.
Props are added.
Oh now she is wearing a top! It does not make sense to fight vampires topless right?
I also added some fog to the scene for extra creepiness and to separate the foreground from the background better.
Finished! I cropped the image a little for better composition.
What is she pointing at?

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