Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome and step by step tutorial

Well Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!! Welcome to my new blog. This journal is specifically dedicated to a series of illustrations that I call "Beauties and Beasties". Basically, a portrait of a beauty accompanied by creatures, monsters, robots or what have you. Sometimes the beauty is also the beast in some of these artwork. I am not sure where to categorized these paintings : Science-Fiction Art, Fantasy Art, Horror, some Pinup?

In any case, the prints are available for sale at:

Anyway, let's start with a simple step by step process on how I paint these illustrations.
I usually use Photoshop as my main painting tool...

Sometimes, I start from a reference photo. This makes the job easier since you can see how the light affects the figure and you don't have to guess too much on anatomy and such. I suggest artists should collect reference photos and have a library that you have handy at all times. My library is online so I can refer to it anywhere I have access to the internet. Reference photos are great but please don't rely too much on it. Sometimes a figure looks good in photos but not so much when painted.

Here is a quick sketch to work out the composition and the figure. You can see that the drawing is not quite the same as the picture but it's great to have an image to refer to. I decided to exaggerate the body of our main figure for that pinup look.
Here, I laid down some quick colors. I usually have a palette of colors somewhere in the painting that I sample from.
Smoothing it out and adding more details...

Started adding detail to the "Elf". At this point, I like to try different backgrounds colors in the painting. The foreground is usually on a different layer from the background so I can try different backgrounds without affecting the other parts of the painting (Don't you love layers?)

Adding more elements - in this case I added a coat to the Mrs. Claus

More details and experimenting with the background.

And here is the finishedPainting! Order a print for your weird friends as a Christmas gift!

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